About Us

ANOMENA Ventures is a private social enterprise based in Ghana with a mission to mainstream gender concerns into energy projects, produce and  disseminate efficient energy interventions as well as clean working environment.  The ANOMENA-improved-LPG-Stoves come in single, two- and three-unit versions. It isan energy efficient stove that helps vendors and households to switch to cleaner, environmentally friendly and non-smoky faster cooking stoves.

One hundred and fifty street food vendors and women entrepreneurs operating from homes have been supplied with ANOMENA- LPG stoves to empower them economically and save them from smoke inhalation. Five thousand women have been taken through awareness creation and gender sensitisation workshops as well as training on safe use of LPG appliances. A pilot micro-finance scheme has enabled some of the women to purchase gas cylinders and stoves. In 2010 ANOMENA partnered the gender and energy network, Ghana to produce a gender audit of the Ghana Energy Sector.

Our primary market is the energy and environment sector in rural, peri-urban and urban areas in the ten regions of Ghana where street food vending abounds..  We reach our target group through direct sales and payment by installment . Our key partners are the faith based women’s groups  who are our customers, technicians who are our production agents and community based street food vendors.

Our solution makes sense for customers because it meets the needs of Ghanaian consumers by improving health, providing clean environment and creating livelihood opportunities. It works for our partners because it provides employment, LPG burns efficiently, reduces indoor air pollution. LPG is portable because it is easily liquefied and stored in pressured containers making it transportable.

Our stove supports multiple productive uses extending well beyond the household, such as developing micro-enterprises. Financial viability of switching to the use of LPG using our stoves, has been done and more women are now using the LPG stoves

Our goal is to grow our enterprise to reach five thousand users  by 2020.

ANOMENA Venture is a private social enterprise in Ghana working in the environment, textile, food processing, gender and energy, LPG stoves  and solar lighting sectors.