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ANOMENA Ventures produces three types of LPG stoves namely the single unit, two-in-one and three-in-one improved stoves. The stoves are made from mild steel and uses liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. It meets the needs of Ghanaian consumers by completely eliminating smoke inhalation for mothers and babies, reducing cooking time, providing durability and sustainability  as well as clean environment for the women food vendors.

    Single unit




The case of Madam Christiana Afenyo switching from the use of firewood to the  ANOMENA improved LPG stove.


Madam Christina Afenyo using the ANOMENA Improved LPG stove to prepare porridge in her kitchen for sale to workers along the street in the morning.

Toxic smoke from burning fuelwood and charcoal in poorly vented houses in Ghana causes respiratory illnesses and vision problems among women and children, who spend the most time in the house while cooking. Exposure to indoor air pollution also contributes to the high infant mortality rate of Ghana.

To reduce exposure to indoor air pollution, cooking in homes must become cleaner. In order to reduce the impact of continued use of woodfuel on deforestation, the use of efficient woodfuel stoves must be promoted or households must switch to the use of non-woody biomass fuels. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a solution for both problems as it is a clean, non-woody biomass fuel.

It is in line with this that ANOMENA Ventures promotes LPG stoves as one of the clean cooking options. Adopting LPG reduces indoor air pollution, reduce expenditure on cooking and deforestation.

For a household, an institution or an industry, switching from fuelwood to LPG  have more benefits than disadvantages. LPG is clearly a fuel higher up the energy ladder. It is very convenient to use, it is clean (both with respect to indoor air, the cooking pots and the kitchen) and it is efficient. The only real barrier to overcome may be fear. LPG may be perceived dangerous. It is highly flammable and comes in pressurized bottles. A disadvantage of LPG is that the initial investment cost in bottle, regulator, tube and stove are high, especially when compared to a three stone fire which has no investment cost.  Payment by instalment has solved this problem

Madam Christina Afenyo,  is a street food vender who prepares porridge in the morning for sale to workers, travellers and school children. Prior to the introduction of the ANOMENA improved LPG stove she used to wake up as early as 3:00am to cook so that her porridge will be ready by 7:00am for sale to her clients. With the introduction of the ANOMENA improved stove she now wakes up at 5:00am having useful relaxation time with her family in the morning. The children when on holidays now assist their mother in her chores as there is no smoke inhalation.